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Feedback and Complaints

Caloundra Community Centre holds the belief that feedback, complaints and appeals processes give all users of our programs and services a way of expressing any positive feedback or dissatisfaction they might have within a particular program or service area and of having their concern dealt with promptly and effectively.

The organisation is committed to open and transparent processes that protect the rights of program and service users to access fair complaints procedures.

All clients will be informed of their rights and responsibilities and informed of the organisations Complaints and Disputes by Service and Community Users Policy at the earliest stage of involvement with our service.

The person should in the first instance approach the worker involved and attempt to resolve the situation to their satisfaction.

It may help if the person can write down everything relevant to the issue in the order in which things happened.  This would includes a description of what happened, dates, phone calls, meetings etc.

Services or people that wish to complain in writing can do so by writing a letter or filling one of Caloundra Community Centre’s Complaint Forms.  The aggrieved will receive a response to their complaint within 7 days.

If this strategy is unsuccessful, then the person should raise their concern with Caloundra Community Centre Manager.  A meeting will be arranged to meet with the Manager.  The person raising the concern will be informed that they you may bring an approved support person to the meeting. 

Within 7 days the Manager will inform the Department of Communities Resource Worker in writing that a complaint has been made. This will include the steps that will be taken in dealing with the complaint.


If there is still no satisfactory solution or the complaint concerns the Manager then the aggrieved should put their concerns in writing to the Secretary of the Committee of Management.



The Secretary

Caloundra Community Centre Inc Committee of Management

58A Queen Street

Caloundra 4551


The Management Committee will acknowledge receiving the complaint within 7 days and will communicate a process to deal with the complaint within one month.

The Management Committee together with the Manager (unless the complaint is in reference to the Manager) will assess the situation and propose a resolution to the conflict.  The process should be thoroughly documented.  All proceedings should remain confidential between the parties involved and the Management Committee.  A letter outlining details of the resolution will be sent to the aggrieved and a copy kept on file in the particular program area.


If the aggrieved party is not satisfied with proposed resolutions, then an independent person will be approached to assist in working toward a resolution.


The full Committee of Management will be kept informed regarding the proposed resolutions and how the process is progressing through a written report provided by the independent person.


If the matter is still unresolved the person raising the grievance will be provided with information needed to pursue their complaint as detailed below.


Department of Communities South East Queendland Regional Office Ph: 07 3819 7610

All information gathered from our complaints and appeals procedure will be evaluated and used where appropriate to inform planning and review processes on a yearly basis.

Any information that is received that has immediate service delivery implications will reflected on and changes implemented where necessary.


Positive feedback can be given verbally or a client may wish to do it in writing and address it to a relevant worker or the Manager.

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