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Caloundra Community Centre has been awarded a grant to set up a Toy Library. After a bit of research, we decided to focus on toys that are sensory and suitable specifically for children who might have conditions like sensory processing disorders, attention deficit disorders, anxiety or other special needs.


We've been looking at some of these sites:


What would be wonderful is if you could guide us and help us with what to buy to ensure the library is stocked up with the items you would like to borrow or try out before you buy. This is not a commitment to you joining the library, simply we want your ideas so we know we are on the right track and we end up with a library that covers a range of toys, ages and interests.


The best way to help us is to go to one of the websites mentioned above (or another one you know of) and add a few items to the Shopping Cart (Don’t be shy, add more than one or two). Then take a screen shot or photograph of the cart so we can clearly see the website address and items selected and email it to We can't guarantee we will purchase those items but it will give us great direction.


We would like to start buying toys as soon as possible and have the Library running by July.


And of course if you would like to help us with setting up, cataloguing end eventually joining the library please let us know also.


Kind regards,


Tomas Passeggi
Community Development Coordinator

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