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Community Participation


The Community Participation Program offers a range of initiatives to support, educate and engage with the community. If you don't find what you are lookng for in the groups or services listed below, please talk to us about a development opportunity or group that you would like to start, run or attend.

Community Development

We strive to respond to the needs and interests of the community by responding and implementing groups, workshops or resources as the need or issue is identified.


We always strive to develop collaborative relationships with other non-Government organisations and all levels of Government. We maintain existing information   systems on current issues. Moreover, we maintain a

presence in relevant interagency networks to ensure people of Caloundra are represented. For example, the Welfare Workers Interagency Meeting and the

Sunshine Coast Housing &

Homelessness  Network.


Community Participation, Social Groups & Education programs


We deliver a range of social groups and educational programs. Some run on an ongoing basis while others are one day workshops or short term initiatives.

Emergency Financial Relief


The Centre receives funding from Federal and State Government to assist people in need of financial relief. Support is provided in the form of vouchers. People in need of assistance please phone the Centre to talk to one of our staff about your situation.

External groups


There are a number of groups and meetings at the Centre organised by community leaders and external groups.



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